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Heinz is blending two popular condiments...finally!

Heinz is blending two popular condiments...finally!

Blending Two Popular Condiments
to Create One Great Taste!

Brand Power

49% of Millennials are more likely to try a new/unique item if it’s made by a familiar brand. Check out this newest sauce that’s sure to be a favorite. 

Saucy Sauce!

Fry sauce… Pink sauce… Mayo Ketchup… we heard from America and now we are launching our own version of this beloved mashup…MAYOCHUP! 

Introducing Heinz Mayochup, the newest condiment launching in the US due to popular demand. 

The delicious taste of ketchup, mayonnaise and a special blend of spices. 

Why Heinz Mayochup?

One tweet sparked over 2.3BM impressions and over 500K votes in favor of launching Heinz Mayochup.
Consumers liked the taste of Heinz significantly more than the comparable products.1
Sauces allow consumers to better personalize the taste of their orders.2

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