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Inventory Manager

Inventory Manager automates the process of counting and evaluating inventory in a single food service business or multiple food service businesses.

Inventory Manager Features

With Inventory Manager, you can … 

  • Get Inventory Valuations by Location, Department, or Total
  • Create and edit inventory locations and sub--locations
  • Move specific items, or groups of items to different locations
  • Add individual items from a price book
  • Add groups of items from personal order guides, history, or standard order guides

  • Create and price non-database items
  • Print inventory worksheets
  • Rename Cost Department codes for individual items or groups
  • Find items quickly and efficiently with flexible item sort and search options
  • View item details and history
  • Clear all inventory quantities
  • Import and export inventory setup
  • Change units of measure to inventory in values other than by case
  • Create custom conversions to measure product inventory based on your environment
  • Create global conversion values
  • Recipe Manager maintains recipe information for food products prepared on site by customers and is fully integrated with Inventory Manager to ensure that prepared food products are included in inventory.

Inventory Manager User’s Guide