Recipe Manager


Recipe Manager imports URM inventory items into your recipes through our  PowerSell software. Build a plated menu, then calculate food cost and profit margin.

With Recipe Manager, you can …

  1. Calculate batch and per-ounce costs for the recipes you create.
  2. Calculate food cost percentage and gross profit on each plate created.
  3. Incorporate scratch-made recipes into the plate you are creating. Notes on ingredients and preparation instructions can be included.
  4. Convert bulk ingredients down to the teaspoon or ounce with “Convert It” feature.
  5. Export recipes to another file format with the ingredients and notes for that recipe.
  6. Add photos to your exported recipe; you’ll have a very nice prep sheet showing how to make the plated product and how it should look when it’s finished.
  7. Import your plate recipe into an order and use the “Order Generator” feature to calculate a suggested order based on the quantity you will be serving.

Recipe Manager User’s Guide