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We’ve Got the Most Recent IFDA Economic Forecast

We’ve Got the Most Recent IFDA Economic Forecast


After a bit of optimism in the last report, the indicators are now looking a little less positive. In this report ITR Economics CEO & Principal, Brian Beaulieu, analyzes trends that point to a shifting to the downside of the business cycle this year, as well as the potential impact the recent government shutdown.

The report will explain these forecasts about the business cycle further and describe in detail the why and how so you can feel confident using this information to guide your company through the next quarter, and beyond. Among other things discussed in the report, the forecast for US Crude Oil Futures was revised downward due to a sharp decline in prices in recent months. And the ITR Leading Indicator, US Leading Indicator and US Purchase Managers Index all point to decreasing growth opportunities by mid-2019.

The report shows that US Retail Sales are expected to transition to Phase C, Slowing Growth, during the first half of the year. Retail Sales are not expected to contract this year, though changing economic conditions can affect consumer preferences and you may need to adjust your product mix accordingly.

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This quarterly report by IFDA and ITR includes exclusive analysis of what the current situation and predictions mean to distributors. Stay in the know – we’ll bring you the 2nd quarter IFDA Economic Report in April.