Lamb Weston Product withdrawal: Fries Seasoned Super Jojo

Lamb Weston Product withdrawal: Fries Seasoned Super Jojo

This is to inform you we are withdrawing limited cases of product from the market because we believe there may have been a deviation from a preventive control during the manufacturing process. We are not aware of any instances where this product was adulterated in any way, nor are we aware of any adverse health effects from use of the product. We are withdrawing it from the market out of an abundance of caution because of our commitment to food safety and quality.

We've included an attached image of the product case to help with quick and easy identification. Please note that the code on the case shown may or may not be an affected lot code.

No other Lamb Weston brands or products you've received are affected by this withdrawal.

Please immediately examine your inventory and quarantine product. In addition, if you may have further distributed this product, please identify your downstream customers and notify them at once of this product withdrawal. 

If you re-label, re-pack, or use the withdrawn products to produce new products, you must also issue a withdrawal on these items, per your normal procedures.

Please locate and destroy this item per your usual reclamation or unsaleables process. Attached is an Affidavit of Destruction document. You must reply-all to this e-mail with the completed Affidavit of Destruction form or email it directly to within 6 months of today to receive credit or deduction for the affected cases of product.