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Relish Foods Recall on Newport Brand Tuna Steak Loins

Relish Foods Recall on newport brand Tuna Steak loins


On October 13, 2017, Relish Foods, Inc of Culver City, California voluntarily initiated the recall of
Frozen Newport Brand 5/8 LB Tuna Loins (Lot #s MTNT 0947C, MTNT 0957B, MTNT 0967A,
MTNT 0977D). The recall has since expanded to include, 3/5 LB Tuna Loins (Lot #s MTNT 0917B,
MTNT 0937D), additional lots of 5/8 LB Tuna Loins (Lot #s GND 0737D, GND 0747E, GND 0757A,
GND 0767C and GND 0777B), 4 OZ Tuna Steaks (Lot # GND 0697B), and 6 OZ Tuna Steaks (Lot #s
GND 0707C, GND 0727A).


See official recall form here